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I used a script, but not a game pack. I have [U]hand-picked[/U] the 75 or so games I put on here so far. The pages load fast. There are few ads and the pages aren’t cluttered too bad. I am working with AVArcade on making the urls SEO friendly. I am also thinking up color schemes to redisgn the modules and the original template.

Tell me what you think, register if you would like. And if you see some ads that interest you, please click through and support a man who watched the economy rob him of his day job lol.

Thank you.


take long time to load main page. u can set border=“0” for those image link…it will look better without a blue border… :slight_smile:


lol ya like i said, thats what comes with the script. i just cant be creative enough to think of any one color to use. bt thnk u for ur feedback

neone else?

Hand-picked, quality flash games


You could always insert a rotating color script?

I like the site so far and I can see your trying to get members by making them signup after two plays :stuck_out_tongue:

Battleship :smiley: a classic!


ya, i really am having trouble with the SEO of that script. It is going to be impossible to get this site ranked anywhere valuable with google. i am hoping to get some return visitors :slight_smile:

Hand-picked, high-quality, fun, free, online flash games - click here


I though you couldnt host games without upgrading.


if theres any truth to dark wizzim’s statement, somebody plz tell me. i enjoy 000webhost’s hosting. i cant figure out how to use htaccess with them, but oh well.

anyways, thank you all for viewing my website, please continue to give me feedback

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Very good site. I dont know that there was an script for a flash game site.
Your site is in the directory because it get aproved.


PD: I am still waiting for you to post your site in the directory


look at this


u should be a PI. when i earn enough to upgrade, i will do so. till then, click on my ads haha

no but seriously. check out my site eFGe Flash Games please and review it if you could

thank you tantino as well. i used AV Arcade’s script. works well


download & use this template
it is very decent & very nice to view demo visit
& can u tell me have you downloaded the gamespack? or you have manually uploaded all games?


Asking to click ads is not good & against google TOS but you are not violating them :smiley: because you have written "if you see some ads that interest you, please click through. its not violation because you have not asked to click on them you have asked that if you are interested then click on them…


hey luck, thank you for showing me the luigi template. that one is pretty nice, your right. i dont think ill use it, but it gives me some ideas for mine.

and no, i downloaded all those game individually and uploaded them.

also, i know about the TOS thing. i could guess its probly agaisnt Google to tell someone to click on an ad no matter what.

bt i dont care too much about google. if they want to ban me, thats no big loss for either of us (i made 3 dollars so far), plus theres tons of alternatives… for both me and google. i tell ppl only click on my ads w/ interest, bcuz i know that the adwords customers would want no less.

bt thank you for taking interest in my site and comment, i really really apriciate it :slight_smile:

for everyone else, Hand-picked, high-quality, fast-loading, fun, free flash games, click here.


i finally changed the look of my online flash game arcade :slight_smile:
i am planning on adding a user submission tool as well, and full screen
and finally… i added one game. bubble shooter, haha, its a fun game tho

my website: - eFGe Flash Games

please review if u get the chance


hey! online flash games sites are not allowed! thats why i do not use :frowning:


Not allow? 000webhost TOS got stated this?


It’s nice, i like it, nothing special but it’s good


Nuff said.