Application error 500 in WoWonder haccess


I am getting Application error 500. I got this before also and you fixed it by modifying .htaccess and told to tell again when I get this error again.
Thank you,
I would also like to know when I upgrade my hosting package will it move all my files, database, domain to new hosting package or I have to do it myself? Actually Currently I am testing my website and trying to advertise it when I think it’s ready for another package I will upgrade it.


When you upgrade, everything is automatically be moved to your new acount :slight_smile:


can you fix the error 500 in


@ziwee have you upgraded or you still want to use 000webhost!


No I haven’t upgraded it yet.


please fix it I am getting error 500 in from 2 days


@ckhawand any hope of fixing it?


Can you post your .htaccess file content here