Blocking ISP access


I have blocked a number of ISPs from my website but find from my webstats that some are still getting access. How can I stop them for certain?


Are you using the Deny option on 000webhost yes?


yes I am using the Deny option


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What is your website address?


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Unfortunately you can’t block entire IP blocks. Our cPanel helps you to block only one IP address at a time.

If you want to block multiple IP addresses at once you will need an advanced .htaccess rule:

Order Allow,Deny

# This will deny access to all IPs containing 188.143.■■■.■■■
Deny from 188.143.*.*

# This will deny access to all IPs containing 233.45.5.■■■
Deny from 233.45.5.*

Allow from all


Many thanks for the info. I had blocked a single ISP in August and the same ISP accessed my site in December.