Blocking my network / IP access to upload files?

My website is, and I have been subscribed for 13 months. It is a weather website to which data is automatically uploaded via FTP from my weather station using a minipc on 24 hours a day. Until a few days ago this FTP data upload only had a specific failure (according to what you indicated in this forum), but now from my home network the files are not uploaded to using Filezilla and I also cannot Access the file manager of my panel. This has happened on October 28 and 29, then without me doing anything it started working again, but since 0:00 on October 31, no files are uploaded. I tried to use a different network with the same minipc, and if I can upload the files with Filezilla and access the file manager of my panel, or if I use another PC and any other network, including Android mobile. In my home network I did not make any changes since I have the web in 000webhost: it is the same router, the same configuration, I did not add new devices in these last days … In addition, since always there is also automatic image upload of a FTP webcam with another server and there is no fault.
I followed the tutorials you indicated at FTP and File Manager Not Working Too but I could not fix it. And I also verified the proxy, the firewall, DNS, …
I have even created another new website with a new user … and horror! … the same thing continues: files are not uploaded via FTP and I cannot access the administrator of files using the usual network, but it works well from another network.
Could it be that is blocking my network / IP access to upload files? Do you think there is any solution?
Thank you very much for your help and best regards.

We do impose limits after 30k daily connections have been reached and a day 7 ban imposed.
I’ll check with a developer for you regarding this.

Since I currently have access to both sites via FTP I can only assume there is a blockage somewhere, if you try a proxy or VPN does it allow you access?

We don’t recommend the usage of FTP for uploading of files in this manner if it can be helped, are you able to update using database or via POST request in the browser etc?

Hello!. Thanks for the reply.
I have tried several proxies ( but it is not accessed.
For the upload of meteorological data I use the Weatherlink (Davis) program with the following configuration (here I also probe with several proxies and it was not fixed either)

I do not understand why this has happened in my home network, after more than 1 year working well and without having made any changes and if I use another network if it works, but this solution may not be because I have the home network contracted and it would mean a greater expense.
As I said, uploading images from a webcam via FTP to another server (Wunderground) does work well, so I think the problem is that 000webhost blocks my home network IP
What he tells me about the POST, I don’t know how to do it and if it would be useful to apply it to the Weatherlink program.

I now did the VPN test and connected with a new IP and if the files are uploaded.
It is clear that 000webhost was blocking my home network IP after 13 months it worked correctly …
However, this is also not a solution because I am doing the 1-day free trial, later it has a price.

Hmm I’ve put a ticket in to developers and await there response, since this is the free service I can’t advise ETA, hopefully this week/month sometime.

Mysteriously, today I already worked well. Possibly my router changed the IP (I don’t remember what the previous one was).
Will it be for a long time or will it block again? … who knows…

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Ticket still open, who knows I guess is the thing here.
If you encounter please open a new thread and we will list it as a new issue and action from there in the future.
Many thanks again for updating us.