Can I host this "Chat"

Hello… I know that the TOS say no chats… but what do you mean with it :slight_smile: lets say i install phpbb and open topics and use them as chat rooms? is that a chat?

The thing is I have a chat script (it is more like a tiny social script) for mobile phones which I would like to host. First I need to say that the chat part is only one file and a few mysql tables. Secondly I can already tell that there won’t be more than 30 users in that chat room at the same time (if i get lucky I’ll get it to 3) so I’m asking for permission to host this… By the way I could just rename the chat.php file into something like kuckanje.php and it would be pretty hard to find out what it is… So small is it!

So this social script has this small chat script… and it is much the same as a forum… Don’t see why it isn’t allowed if a forum would use even more resources than this script…
Do I need to rename it to shoutbox so it is allowed or what :slight_smile:

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And as a admin said HERE IN THIS TOPIC , chats don’t seam to be against the rules since he said to just moove to a separate account?!

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Chats are not allowed by the high use of server resources they need, for example, a large number of http requests.

You can use an embedded chat (which is not hosted on the server 000webhost).

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Need to know the list of chats that we can use.
and, Can we use shoutbox in forums ?
What about ZOpim chat ?


It is not allowed to install any chat server 000webhost. If you install a chat server in your account will be terminated.

If you want to use a chat you must embed a chat hosted on an external server.

I need examples for external chat server.
what about shoutbox ?

Something like this -

shoutbox should be ok as it’s not a char software. The difference is that you are allowing a user to post a message to a page and not having 100 users that constantly laod the server with request for more information.

**how about using addonchat. I am sure there chat script is hosted on dere server . plz suggest … !! **

There website address is :-

Please check my site. I just read the TOS and this post . I don’t think that using this addonchat script is against the rules of a free account on 000webhost. If it is so please inform me . so i can do something regarding the same . please don’t cancel my account without telling me. I dont know a lot about computers and all this and I am in a learning phase and I might make mistakes and there are many things I dont understand. Mods/admins I request you to please see check my site and tell me that I am not doing anythign against TOS of a free account on 000webhost.

If I have done any mistake just let me know so I can do something else about it but please don’t ban me, my account or my website. I love the services provided by 000webhost .

It’s fine, your chat box is hosted by and is not using 000webhosts resources.

Thanks for the reply. Well I confirmed with addonchat support as well and dey said the same thing.


i got banned using chat scipt

You will if it’s hosted on 000webhosts servers. If it’s on another server like the post before yours then it’s not a problem.

I know about two different chats.

One is addonchat. There are free and paid versions available. pretty simple installation. Just copy the code in your blog, site or if u don’t have a site there is a URL that they give and you can use that to chat with people.

For detailed info :-

This chat uses their own servers/resources and does not cause any extra burden on 000webhost servers.

Another one is generally called parachat. I don’t have much info about it. I found these links through google . Hope these links help you

I’m just wondering. Users don’t have ssh access right? How are some people able to install some chat scripts?

im using addonchat free version on my site …

LOL Nice C:

hi ,today i activated my account . and i have a notice that i shouldile from delete (default php ) from public html

how can i do that please tell me the steps
the second question is :can i change the name of the adress of my website

Well to delete default.php file just click on file manager available in control panel. It may ask you to put your password as well. Once logged in click on public_html folder. inside that folder you would see that default.php file. delete that file . For deletion check the check box and click on delete button. It would take you to another page where it would ask for confirmation. Confirm deletion and u r done .

Also upload your files in public_html folder. and make sure your home page is index.html

Its case sensitive. It should be in lower case.

Regarding name change if ur using a sub domain , den u may create a new sub domain on 000webhost. i think they allow only 1 account creation in 24 hrs. However if u have ur own domain then to the best of my knowledge there is no way to change it. If u don’t like the domain you have you may consider buying a new domain.

**Have u been able to do it ? **

Please tell me that the free embedded chat room code provided by is allowed or not.

It seems to me that their chat room is also hosted on their server just like addonchat. Please confirm