Can not log in to file manager


I can no longer log in to my website’s file manager to upload. My access has been sporadic. Earlier when I selected Upload in the Build Website page, my web site name and password was successfully passed on and I accessed the file manager. Sometimes, that did not work, and I got a message saying the log data is incorrect.

Today, nothing worked. So, I changed the 000webhost password, logged off, then back on. That didn’t help. Then I changed the website password to the same password as the 000webhost log in password. I still cannot get to the File Manager. The system seems to have different passwords for each, and I don’t know what more to do. I did a Repair website after changed its password. That seemed to do nothing.


Have you tried logging into another FTP Client such as Filezilla?
Otherwise, check the uptime here:


A small pool of users will be experiencing FTP issues connecting or using File Manager, if you are having issues then you’ll just need to wait until developers resolve the issue. Apologies.

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Their uptime counters all show near 100% even when there are obviously issues. I’m convinced that the uptime counters are nothing but baloney.


A small pool of users will be experiencing issues, the status page reflects that the FTP servers are online; this is correct.
The issue is with the login which again a small pool of users, tiny will be experiencing.