Cant connect domain

Can’t connect my domain to I have the gray cloud on cloudflare on and i’ve waited longer then 2 days,

Screenshots of your CloudFlare setup?

If the clouds are grey for both CNAME records then something is wrong as we can’t see it publically via DIG either.

WWW and @ both CNAME both point to with grey clouds to add to our panel then once added turn orange.

Delete any AAAA or A records

Need two records in total I’m sure.

ill test this in about half an hour

Something isn’t quite right, the CNAME records don’t appear to be public but I can still find A, AAAA records pointing to 000webhost
Unless DNS / CloudFlare is just having a slow day.

its been 3 days though…

Try removing your domain completely from CloudFlare and trying again else send a private message to myself or another staff member with a login for CloudFlare with a random secure password and we can check.

i tried removing and re-adding but that didnt work so ill pm you the account with a changed password.