Cant install phpnuke

I am unable to install phpnuke i uploaded files , created the mysql , imported the nuke.sql
When i go thru the install steps it doesnt want to take any of the info i put in

Can someone help me install php-nuke ?

Can you screenshot what data are you are putting in?

Keeps saying that and i know its right

Also getting an error has exceeded the 'max_updates_per_hour' resource (current value: 5000)

uploading a file to my database

The max updates per hour errror is when you exceed the free hourly limits and your account is rate limited just wait it out

I don’t mean the error message for the screenshot I meant the installation page showing the actual user name in database name and host you are trying

still unable to install php-nuke i cant get past the MySQL database configuration: Step

i cant figure it out

Is there another way of getting phpnuke on my site and installed ?

Share screenshot and I’ll assist

@GraffixSkull why haven’t you shared a screenshot like the guy asked?
Just post a screenshot showing the hostname field, username, database name and other stuff so we can check - not much we can do without this

trying to install it on this url and install page

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I’ll check on this now.

if you need the password to the database i’ll post it

No won’t need it currently.

So I’ve narrowed it down to a compression issue, once fixing that I ran the installation but the queries PHPNuke uses it exceeds the free limits! :frowning:
I would suggest using a different script as it is not officially supported on the free hosting :frowning:

Else you can try alternative free hosting, upgrade to Hostinger for about $28 a year or use a different script as PHPNuke is pretty outdated by PHP standards the last update it seems to have got was 2014! A lot of security has changed in PHP in the last 5 years! :frowning:

so unable to install it on this host :frowning: well that sucks

PHP-Nuke 8.3.2 fix some security issues and become compatible with PHP 5.3.

What version is this phpmyaddmin

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Unsure but having a look online PHP Nuke is mega outdated compared to other comparable CMS scripts.
Try another free host or move script to like WordPress/Joomla or something comparable I guess.