Can't log in, "Specified user was not found"

I tried to view my website today, and can’t connect. Then I tried to login to manage the site via the 000webhost website and my login credentials do not work. I made this second account to post with. I don’t think my account was cancelled due to inactivity because I logged in and made changes to my website last week.

The website is, and I checked and the nameservers at my domain name website are set correctly.

I can still see my website at

We sincerely apologize for inconvenience. We’ve opened a ticket with our developers regarding your issue.

It appears as if this account and website was deleted 20/10 for inactivity.
Ftp, visitors and script control panels don’t count activity, only our official control panel prevents inactivity deletion, ensure to login to your new account at least once every three months, I recommend users login to our panel then use file manager instead of just directly using file manager etc.

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