Cant login to Zyro builder

When I try to edit my website from admin panel it returns me to home page.
Before, it automatically redirected me to edit page.
Is it down?

Hello, please clear your browser cache, and try again.

If the issue persists, it likely means our server is temporarily down. We apologize for inconvenience. We kindly ask you to try again later; issue will likely be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Use this link please:

I tried with different browser but issue remains.

I tried the link. It worked!
It took more time than usual to load edit interface, but I could access edit page.
Thank you!!

Link at admin panel returns me to

Before it was the link which you sent me

I appreciate if you could fix it.

Hi so please continue to use

Keep trying that link.

We’ve introduced the new Zyro builder which will indeed take you to the new website and you’ll need to make a new site using that link.

We are working to restore the builder for existing sites/users hopefully in the coming months.

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