Certificate error when I access my website with FileZilla


Whenever I connect to 000webhost from FileZilla, I get a certificate error from 000webhost.

I’m not a certificate expert but doesn’t that mean that 000webhost is sending an old certificate rather than a current one and aren’t you the only people that can fix this? Or is there something I need to do at my end?

I’ve enclosed a screen cap of the error I get from FileZilla:


Disable the SSL/TSL option :wink:


Could you clarify that a bit?

The relevant options in FileZilla are:
Protocol: FTP or SFTP (I’m using FTP)
Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS if available; require explicit FTP over TLS; require implicit FTP over TLS; Only use plain FTP (I’m using explicit FTP over TLS if available)

What are the right options for each drop down to avoid this certificate error? FTP in the first dropdown and plain FTP in the second dropdown?


Use only plain FTP .


Thank you. That works now. :slight_smile: