Change password in Website settings


I changed the password, but I can not use File Manager (ftp_login(): User lucswebsite OK. Password required) and I can not connect to FTP with FileZilla.

How long does it last before the password change is opertional?


Hey @TVK5300!

We are currently performing maintenance on our servers, so some services may not work and your site may be slowed down. This will clear up once we finish. If you would like 100% uptime, upgrade to Hostinger!


Thanks, but it is as I expected, FREE: possibly it works sometimes, but in fact it is the purpose to push the client to pay.
In fact a sort of misleading advertising.


@TVK5300 Sorry for the inconvenience, Our Servers are under maintenance due to which you’re facing these issue. As soon as the maintenance is over we'll let you know, then you will be able to use our services without any issue.

Meanwhile can you post our error log or screenshot from filezilla?


If server maintenance take more than 24 hours, how come that backingup servers can not take over?

Sorry I live in Belgium so the screenshot is in Dutch.



Server Maintenance here is “Adding New Server” because day by day 000webhost is growing larger and larger.

And about your issue…it is related to maintenance, as soon as the admins set up and configure the new sever completely, then ftp issues will be fixed automatically.