Changes to a file not taken into account by the site


I am new to 000Webhost and I started a site based on the Yii2 framework. The site seems to work normally but there is something that I don’t understand.
I made changes locally — on a replica of the site — on 3 or 4 files then I uploaded the changes but I have trouble with one specific file — not the other ones.
It seems as if the file has not changed, but when I open it with the file manager, the changes I made to the file are present. As the file is a .css one — in public_html/css —, the way I can see that the changes have not be taken into account is by opening the inspector tool in Firefox. I see that the file is still the previous one. Even when I delete the file in the file manager, it is here in the displayed page.

Is there some caching mechanism I do not understand ?

Thank you in advance for help


Hi @augustin what’s your website URL?


Hi @Ayu,
I think I have made it out.
It was the web cache of my browser. I should read the guide of my framework to know how to force refreshing of the page.


Glad to hear that you have solved it :slight_smile:
I’m closing this thread now but you can always open a new thread if you need help again.