Chrome shows my site as not secure


I recently parked my site so that I can use my own domain name. This resulted in loosing the green Secure name in the browser bar and not having a https location.

I think that chrome has recently updated its policies because I now (sometimes) get a red screen saying my site is unsafe.

What do I need to do to make chrome happy and secure my site ?




What is your domain and 000webhostapp URL?


Hi @garryjokeeffe!

To secure your domain with SSL Cerificates, please follow this tutorial to link your domain using Cloudflare


I’m using :

the 000webhostapp is :


If you park a domain you need to use http only.

If you want https with your parked domain you need to go through the process of setting up CloudFlare or purchasing SSL certificate etc.

https is free for the 000webhostapp URL only.


Thanks, I’ll try the free CloudFlare process first.

I’m impressed with the quick responses. Thanks again.


Thanks for the link.

Does this mean my web site will be on Cloudflare server and not on 000webhost ?



No, your website will still be hosted by us. :wink:


Excellent, I’m now just waiting for the CloudFlare to activate my site.

Thanks for the help.



I have already pointed the domain for you. :wink:

Now please go to Cloudflare > DNS and activate the orange clouds from CNAME records .


thanks for updating the domain.

If I use I get the secure web site, excellent and what I wanted. But or still use unsecure http, what do I need to do to make these URL’s map to the https.

Once again thanks for all your help.


Works fine, can you try now?


I’ve just tried again, if I use I get the un-secure site, if I use I get the secure logo in the URL bar.

I’ve tried Chrome and Safari.


Then follow this tutorial


Thanks for the link.

Safari now works perfectly but Chrome still shows the unsecure site, I think this may be some URL caching.

This has got me to where I needed, I just hope I can remember all of this when I make my site live and move to a premium account.

Thanks for all you help.