Cloudflare CNAME

I swear that I have everything setup properly on my domain but I still get the error that my CNAME is not pointed at my subdomain. The problem is that Cloudflare uses CNAME flattening:

This causes no CNAME to exist when I search for a CNAME on MXToolbox. Cloudflare automatically converts it to an A Record at the time of query even though it’s listed as a CNAME with an exclamation mark saying that it’s flattened in Cloudflare. There isn’t a way for my to turn off CNAME flattening for the apex domain. That’s what the Cloudflare exclamation mark says. You aren’t supposed to use CNAME’s for apex domains. What is the correct way to make this work?

The method below is working as of last week as I set a new site up using this way.

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