Control Panel - Inactivity

Hello there,

I have received an email about inactivity of my website. I have until the end of this week to login into panel control to keep the website running. I have just logged in, but I was not able to edit nothing in the webite (probably I forgot how to do it), but I still can see that the website is running.

I just want to make sure if simply logging in is enough to continue having the website.

Thanks in advance!

If you provide the URL I’ll double check though :slight_smile:

I’ve checked and as far as I can see the inactivity deletion has been cancelled as you’ve logged in :slight_smile:

If you’ve not taken a recent backup it would be worth your while, login to File Manager and in the root directory outside public_html there is a .zip file with all your files including current database, download this to your computer for safe keeping. :slight_smile:

Hello, Infinity! Thanks for your quick reply. The URL is

Hi! Thanks for this! I’ve downloaded the files.

Hi! Make sure to export your database as well (if you have any)