Cron-job not working on

I configured a cron-job calling a php-script. Tried with per hour and per 10 minutes.
Everythen a value is written in a database. Manually calling the script does the job, but not with cron-automation. It fails to call the script on the configured interval.

Hi there! Could you please try creating your cron job through one of the free services online such as This can help us determine if it’s a problem with your cron job setup or something on our end that’s preventing your cron job from being executed. Keep us updated. - Free cronjobs - from minutely to once a year.

Hi, indeed, I searched for a solution and found that does the trick fluently. So, my php-script is working, it isn’t called by the cron-server on 000webhost for some reason.

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Free plan cron jobs are unreliable so you are best sticking with the third party solution above suggested or using Hostinger instead.

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