Database and wordpress error

Hi, mi name is Samanta, I have an account that is linked with a wordpress site.
I was trying to sign in to my wordpress page, and i dont know what happened, but all the content dissapeared. Now when I sign in, its like I have never used it.
Is there a way to do a back up and restore all the content and configurations of the site??
Please I need it for a test.
Thank you.

Good day!

What is your website address?

Hey @samantaleonard5555
You’ve reinstalled WordPress over your previous website, thankfully I was able to restore your old database as it hadn’t been deleted.

I’ve relinked the frontend with the backend database and now the content loads like it appeared before :slight_smile:

Once you’ve installed WordPress once you don’t really need to login to 000webhost.

Just manage your site directly via

everyting is working ok! thank you very much!!!

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