Database error Expression manquante. (near "ON" at position 25)



please i need help
i’m trying to import my database from local phpmyadmin to phpmyadmin of my domaine webhost but i have this error when i import it
" Expression manquante. (near “ON” at position 25) "

thank you


Could you screenshot the error screen after import, else upload your database file to your root FTP directory or via File Manager and I’ll take a look.


thank you for your reply, this is the screenshot of the error

i will try to upload it via file manager

thank you


Once uploaded give me a shout :slight_smile:


ok mate Database is uploaded on my file manager


No worries will have a looking in a minute


It appears to have imported but when loading the main site there are few errors showing :frowning:


yes it’s true but I can not know where the problem is :’(


Something to do with a plugin I think


Yeah when I rename the plugins opal hotel booking room to disable them - the site seems ok?


no it’s very bad I can not post my site without this plugin !!!


Where did you previously have the install?


I started the installation on local by using wampserver… the plugin work on local


Did you zip your public_html locally, upload to 000webhost and extract?


so i delete the current public_html and i zip public_html on local and i aploaded it to 000webhost and extract?


I would rename current public_html to something like private_html or old_html then upload your local one and extract and hopefully that cures any issues


Oh no !! I delete the current public_html
ok i will zip public_html on local and i aploaded it to 000webhost and extract


Alright no problem hopefully it works.


i uploded the public_html ziped
I just extracted the file but nothing happens!!


Looks better this time around the code isn’t showing on site and it seems stable, confirm?