Database error Expression manquante. (near "ON" at position 25)


Just take a scan through the file and anything that links it to localhost or c:/ or xampp needs to be changed :frowning:


ok i just changed and uploded mayasseen (1).sql in my file manager

what is the rigth way to import it in database?


so are you still with me mate?


Paste the file into the SQL tab and run it via phpmyadmin if the import function shows errors


i think i must rename the older database before runing SQL ?


View existing database, select all and drop.
Which removes them completely


i have the modified database but no changes !!!


I’m really blocked !!

where is the problem!!?


I have no idea, I’ve looked for as long as I could at the database and I just can’t figure out what is wrong.
If this was a plain WordPress installation I would have it sorted in no time but this OpalHotel stuff is all over the place.

You could try an alternative free host to see if it is our platform but I doubt it


finally thank you very much for your support

2 days you follow me

thank you


why i can’t find debug.log in wp-content ??