Database Timeout error or service connection collation


Please help sometimes my database gets timeout error and sometimes it gives a pile of service connection collation error such as the utf8 and english lang. I cant enter to my database entirely it only shows but when I click it stucks up and keeps the loading button on and on. Please help


What script are you running?
Do you have any of the error messages?


sorry sir for bothering. i guess it was just my internet connection. Sorry for the late reply as it was already fine when I got back again days ago. May I ask another question about the php that 000webhost supports? does it support php 5.3 and above?


PHP can be changed via GENERAL SETTINGS > :slight_smile:


Thank you so much sir! I know I can’t repay you but surely you have enlightened me. God Bless!


Not a problem anymore queries feel free to open a new thread and we can assist you