Deleted Premium Account

Hello, I have a premium account and you are deleted why? I want to restore my account please help me.

It should not be deleted, what was the email? i am now again registed

I can see registered on the free plan 2 hours ago.

Can you confirm your Hostinger email for premium?

Or just try logging into premium and copying the error you get?

Sorry but what happened in the hostinger i can login

This files in the hostinger is not my new website how can i restore my website?

I’m not sure what you mean, any files / folders on your Hostinger premium account would never be deleted unless you failed to pay etc then they’d be deleted in the future after non-payment.
000webhost files / accounts can be deleted for inactivity, which is what I think happened to your 000webhost account. We don’t keep backups on the free service so any files under 000webhostapp domains would be lost / user is responsible for backups. When users upgrade to Hostinger we expect them to use Hostinger hosting instead of the free hosting so they have protection and won’t face limits or restrictions.