Deloy laravel 5.8 to 000webhost

I’m deploying my Laravel 5.8 project to 000webhost, I get error 500, I did the same as the 000webhost instructions provided (Deploy Laravel Project into 000webhost site), then I switched to debug mode to true but still got the error 500, I know this is an old topic, please help me

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Good day!

As you can see when you’re accessing the website now, PHP can’t find a file at path app/helper.php, but the file is there still.

Error occurs because you’re hosting the project under a UNIX system. This means paths and filenames are case-sensitive, unlike Windows environments (where you’ve probably coded/tested the app)

In order for app to work on this platform, please rename app/Helper.php to helper.php. Then try again :slight_smile:


That’s right, after I changed the name Hepler it worked as expected, thank you very much :kissing_heart:

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Thank you very much, this tells me the problem with the Helper file

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