DialogFlow webhook not working


I’m new at 000webhost and just created this cobrando.000webhostapp.com site for chatbot learning purposes.

My bot is doing well, however for some reason i cannot make the webhook calls work when invoked from dialogFlow’engine

i placed a php file (bot.php) to performe some test, it can be reached and php commands like echo can be performed sucessfully

however, when invoked from DialogFlow it does not work!

i have tested DialogFlow’s configuration in other web hosting and it works fine

is there any configuration issue i’m missing or is it just a limitation of my account ?

hope any one could help me with this

PS: The very first this i receved when joining this forum was a welcome greeting from a chat bot!!! LOL

Best Regards

Hey there, I’m sorry but we can’t help with custom software.
Contact the software developer for help.

i dont think this is something related to custom software since it works in other web hostings smoothly

i can also reach manually my php file… so directory permissions is not a issue at all

can anything be done to check the site’s configuration?

Good day!

I have browsed your site and I notice no errors with the chatbot. Please access your site, hit F12, go to Console and Network tab, and lookup for any possible error.

Please post it here if you’ve found any. There might be CORS header restrictions or CRUD AJAX limitations however we can’t know for sure as long as we have no error log :slight_smile: