Difficulty publishing my site

After countless attempts to create and publish my site, I was finally able to make it available in my own domain.

Today I made a change, published and did not reflect … the publication was successful.

I have faced this often!

Please help me.

I need URL of affected site please.
Once published can you force your cache to empty using f5 on the viewing of your website please.

Thanks again for helping me!

To try to get around my previous difficulty in creating / publishing my site, I was creating and deleting sites until I succeeded in my publication.

Url: www.playtv.online
Account: tv921029@gmail.com

Oh hey again, have you republished today?
I’ve checked your preview and your published version and they appear the same to me, let me know if they don’t match and if possible attach screenshots.

The values ​​for my plans are out of date …

Please compare DRAFT and PUBLISHED layouts

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So if you publish your draft it isn’t appearing in the browser after pressing f5 and ctrl

I’m pressing F5 but it still shows the outdated version …

Please see attached image …

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Thanks I’ve notified developers who will investigate.


See how my site is now!

I think 000webhost is not a serious company!

I have been experiencing bad experiences repeatedly …

We are a serious company yes for learning users alike, not professional outfits we most likely don’t fit your criteria for performance or uptime which is why we are aimed at learners and alike as the odd issue won’t bother them.

Developers are investigating your issue you can only be patient or use alternative hosting.

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