DNS recusado no registro.br


Pessoal, alguém já teve esse problema com DNS recusado? Já rodei atrás de respostas e nada. Valeu!


what is your domain name??
Can you be more specific with your issue??



I have a website here at 000webhost. Everything is ready, but I want to use my own domain (pnpgrafica.com.br). When I put the DNS of 000webhost, the registro.br (www.registro.br) informs the following situation: “Refused search”.

I do not know how to proceed, since I did everything that is expected for the DNS to point to the domain.

Thank you!


Presently i don’t see any name servers of 000webhost.

Try to update 000webhost name servers on your domain dns or ask your domain support team…to update name servers for you.


It is precisely because they do not accept the DNS of 000webhost that it is not pointed out. I already contacted the support and they gave me the following answer:

Dear Mrs.,

For the change to take place successfully, the new servers
DNS must be preconfigured for the domain.

The “Search declined” error indicates that the
But refused to respond.

Check the configuration of the DNS servers at:

The setting is correct when the response is: "Authority about
The domain ".

Contact the company that manages this DNS server to correct the

Cristina Moreira


What is your *.000webhostapp.com name??i guess “pnpgrafica.000webhostapp.com” this one??
Is this your website??

If the above website is yours…then you can point using “cname”.

1)Go to your Domain dns and add “cname”(pnpgrafica.000webhostapp.com)
2)Go to “Set Web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Select Point Domain”.

This should solve your issue.


If you call up registro.br
And tell them you wish to POINT your domain

And the nameservers required by registro.br for 000webhost are



Your site will park within 000webhost.com with no issues.


Thanks, akhilkumar332!

I did the procedure you indicated and it worked. However, I realize it’s a redirect.

I would like my client to access the page and the URL would be from my domain (www.pnpgrafica.com.br), not the one from 000webhost.

Would you know how to tell me a solution?


Are you using WordPress?


Yes, Infinity! I’m using Wordpress.


Just change your domain name into here.

Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you

Your site should be accessed using HTTP not HTTPS


What’s the way to access my admin painel? I did not run the installation directory in the site 000webhost. I did used the Akeeba and send the database by ftp!

Thank you very much!


So do you use WordPress or not?


Generally admin for wordpress is wp-admin so: http://pnpgrafica.com.br/wp-admin


Yes, I use Wordpress and I know that access is via pnpgrafica.com.br/wp-admin. But in my case, as I installed without using the 000webhost installer, I’m not sure how to access my panel.


I got the URL to access the admin. I’m connected, but the panel does not open for me.


I see you already logged in to wp-admin.
Click on the “W” icon on top left side and then click on “Dashboard”.
After this as infinity suggested in his previous post…change the wordpress and site url.

If this doesn’t work follow the alternative method mentioned in the below link to change url:-


Comigo aconteceu do DNS ser recusado porque quando eu copiei o endereço DNS do e-mail que recebi do 000webhost.com e colei na página de atualização do registro.br, havia um caractere de espaço após o endereço de DNS. Então eu removi o espaço do final do endereço e o DNS foi aceito.

With me it happened to be refused DNS because when I copied the DNS address of the email received from 000webhost.com and pasted it on the registro.br update page, there was a space character after the DNS address. Then I removed the space from the end the address and the DNS was accepted.