DNS Settings DNS



I would like to know how to point dns to hostinger since 000webhost

I’m lost

Thanks to you


Hi you have to add two cname records.

  1. @ 000webhostappurl
  2. www 000webhostappurl


I’m sorry, but as a beginner I don’t understand what to do.:en pensant:
If you could be more specific, that would be very nice.
To which it addresses go for that, etc…
Thank you :smiley:


Are you hosting a website at 000webhost and purchasing a domain from Hostinger?

Or are you hosting the website at Hostinger?

  1. set nameservers to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com if you are hosted at 000webhost.com

  2. set nameservers to ns1.hostinger.com, ns2.hostinger.com, ns3.hostinger.com and ns4.hostinger.com if you are hosted at Hostinger.


as @infinity said you can park your hostinger domain to 000webhost by the nameservers or you can point it like this.