Domain name displaying in the URL box. How?

Okay, I feel like a noob for asking this but how do you get your domain name to display when you type it into the URL box instead of the location it is stored. I have done it with my other website but that was last year and I can’t remember how I did it! lol.

Address is

Shows up as

I want it to show the domain name only. Like I said I managed it last year and I’ve got a feeling it was something REALLY simple. Is it smething to do with nameservers or is it something in my HTML?

Hello. I assume your website is a Wordpress one.

Go to settings, at general section, and change all addresses to

Hi thanks but I don’t use Wordpress. How to do this with normal HTML5?

I believe you should replace all href datas from your pages with your domain instead. Otherwise, you could try some .htaccess rules