Dreamweaver ftp connection issue


Trying to connect Dreamweaver to 000webhost.com. I keep getting an ftp error - cannot connect to host (login or password is incorrect). I’m positive I’ve gotten my username and password correct. What do I do?


Does the online file manager work for you? :slight_smile:


Not really. Have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve uploaded files, but missing a lot somewhere.


Try using files.000webhost.com


That’s what I’m using. I have one login username (rtmclendon) for 000webhost and it looks like a separate login for the website (“grotian-doses” - not sure where that came from). Neither username seems to work.


I meant, click on that link and logon there :slight_smile:


Ha! Okay, I tried. It says my login credentials are not correct. I can logon everywhere else. I must be missing something.


Should I try resetting my password?


Yes, please do :slight_smile:


Ok, that worked. But my website has no color or images, just text. Images are uploaded


My site is www.riverstoneyouth.com


Working fine here :slight_smile: