Email Forwarder not working properly

Hi there, Email Forwarders are not working

I have parked my domain already

I have already set my email forwarder

please help thank you!

Hi can you use ImprovMX in the meantime?
It takes a minute to setup and offers more functionality than our services

My email forwarding stopped working some days ago, and test messages time out and I get a mail delivery failure after about 25 hours with message:- Reporting-MTA: dns; cm6nec []

Received-From-MTA: dns; [] []

Arrival-Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2019 20:27:20 +0100
This has worked fine for the last year, but I’m now loosing messages. Could this be investigated. Domain is “”. Thanks

Yes we were made aware of earlier in the week of some issues with it the developers are investigating

Hi , Same issue i am facing, email forwarding not working ? anyone tell me at what time it will be resolved?

Unsure of resolution time, please use ImprovMX in the meantime

ImproveMX???, not sure what that is, how to use it or if it will affect my website hosted here

If you are currently pointing your domain to your nameservers then you just need to log into our panel select tools then set web address, then hit manage on your domain then MX record, and enter the one provided by
Sign-up takes 1 minute and you’ll be getting emails fast again

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Tried that but get error " MX record can not be changed because domain has email forwarders"
So unable to progress

Yep remove them all on your panel here and replicate on ImprovMX

Hi, thanks used ImprovMX and Cloudflare, it was easy to set up. Thanks for the recommendation!

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