'Entered domain contains subdomain' error when trying to park GoDaddy domain


Hi all! I’m trying to set up a website for a nonprofit organization that has a .org domain already registered with GoDaddy. I’ve followed the advice I found in the tutorial, such that I’ve changed the CNAME ‘www’ entry to point to ‘mysite(dot)000webhostapp(dot)com’, and changed the nameservers to 000Webhost’s. But the problem I’ve been having is that when I try to use 000Webhosting’s Park Domain option is that I get the error ‘Entered domain contains subdomain which is not allowed.’

So then I then went back to GoDaddy’s default nameservers – because GoDaddy wouldn’t let me edit any of the DNS settings unless I did that – and just set GoDaddy’s DNS forwarding to ‘www(dot)mydomain(dot)org’. But then it seems to resolve to some empty placeholder site on 000webhost.com and not mysite(dot)000webhostapp(dot)com.

What am I doing wrong?


What is your domain address and purpose?


The purpose is communications for the band boosters at my daughter’s high school. The domain is wilcoxmusic(dot)org. So I really want to have the www.wilcoxmusic.org address resolve to the website. (Sorry for typing out the (dot) – it’s because this community support site only lets new users put one link in every post.)


Simply add this domain wilcoxmusic.org don’t add www with it. It automatically adds www in front of your URL after successful parking.


Ok, thanks. I did that and it accepted it, though I’m still getting the same results that the URL resolves to a blank 000webhost page with a message that reads “There’s nothing here, yet.
This domain is ready to be registered” and a clickable button that says “Start your website”. I also reset the nameservers on the GoDaddy management side to be ns01.000webhost.com and ns02(dot)000webhost(dot)com. So I’m not sure what else to do to point it to my page? After resetting the nameservers to 000webhost’s, GoDaddy no longer lets me manage any DNS settings on their side. Is there something more to tweak at 000webhost?


Seems to be working now maybe?

See tutorials section for faster DNS resolution.