Error 502 / I had it since 5 days


I am experiencing 502 Error since almost 5 days … the website sometimes work well and sometimes I get that stupid error.
with such an experience that the 000webhost have they should have solved it in the first day of the problem … I don’t know why all that delay!!


Sorry for the inconvenience.
I see your websites are working fine.


can you also check mine?

its a rush wedding invitations.


@zamantha Can you screenshot what you get when you open that link?


Hi there, same problems with myself and with people going onto the web page.

502 Bad Gateway openresty

Works fine for a while and then just gives the 502 error. Hope you are able to help out.
Many thanks


@golspiekirk Admins are aware of the issue and will be solved as soon as possible.
Till then try over "http", which is working fine.:slight_smile:


Thanks, appreciated.



Web page has been working well for the past number of days. Thanks again for all the help.