Error on creating a new Wordpress site, Install button disabled


I’m trying to simply create a new Wordpress website but I just cannot click on the button Install that stays grey.

I also got a message saying there was an internal error on the creation on the site.

What’s going on ? Can someone help me ?


I forwarded the issue to the admins


Dear @michel-jdi-agency!

Please input your Wordpress admin password again. Choose another one if the button is still grey.


Can you screenshot this error @michel-jdi-agency



(I blurred the name of the site)

Whatever I do I just can’t have the install button enabled. I had the same problem on another project but after a while, just by waiting, the button became red/enabled, I don’t know what happened…
And now I have the same problem on this project.


Thanks but it’s not working.


You have already installed Wordpress.

The problem was from password, as stated earlier.