Error while making a site. An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified

We are aware of the issue please do not make multiple threads.

Developers will resolve this issue as soon as they can, it is the weekend however so it will likely be next week before storage media is added to the servers…

This must be something happening on their side, I’m having the same problem. It also took me 3 attempts to sign up a working account for the support forum.

Sorry I can’t be more help, but I’m guessing something is going a bit “wonky” on 000’s side?

(CS folks please feel free to chime in if you know otherwise?).

as the error suggests developers have already been notified this normally happens when storage space is running low sites can’t be created - JUST WAIT IT OUT.
Likely next week :slight_smile:

just opened an account tried to create a website, and it shows an error :frowning:

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Same issue. it seems that this happened on the start of 2019 already and it happened again now.

UPDATE: When I try to create a site, it says the error that the OP reported… and after a few retries I get “A site with this name exists” and then “Too many requests” (those aren’t the exact error messages)
Also I’ve noticed that when I try to visit any of the sites that I try to create, I get a page saying:

Website is no longer available.
The authors have deleted this site.

The site isn’t being fully created.

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As above developers will resolve then websites will be able to be created

wating for the problem to be soon resolved

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It will be resolved when it can be :slight_smile:

Sorry for any delay :sunny:

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سلام نمیتونم سایت ایجاد کنم

It will be resolved when it can be :slight_smile:

Sorry for any delay :sunny:


تشکر منتظرم حل بشه تا بتونم سایت جهت حساب ایجاد کنم

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first i thought to go for premium , thank god i didnt choose that

Completely different platform :slight_smile:

I actually went for the single plan tonight and my site is already running on premium as @infinity has said different platform, the control panel is 100 times better i love it! plus now i can use the autoinstaller which is exactly what i wanted when i signed up here anyway!!


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Also Keep getting “An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified.” everytime I try to make a website.

F12 Error Log
vendor-0f065784ad.js:1 POST [URL] 422
(anonymous) @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
v @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
u @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
a @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
(anonymous) @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
$eval @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
$digest @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
$apply @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
(anonymous) @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
dispatch @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1
v.handle @ vendor-0f065784ad.js:1

The one with the error on vendor-0f065784ad.js (422)
C.send(m(u) ? null : u)

@hatty163 Due to weekend this is being delayed but Admins are aware of the issue and will be fixed soon.