Estamos construindo nosso novo site

Só consigo acessar meu site se antes acessar o wordpress, mesmo assim só acessar no mesmo navegador que estou logado com minha conta google.

I don’t quite pick you up properly?
Can be managed via if it is WordPress installation

How to proceed for the site to appear without this screen.

So again I don’t quite get what you mean?
That screen yellow background etc appears to be a custom page or construction plugin you’ve installed?
You can change this all via the wp-admin menu for administrators.

You see … when I enter the Wordpress link, the site appears normal only to me, if someone else enters another place, yellow screen appears.

Is there anything to do with the “Virtue” theme?

I need a solution.

It is the same with this site

has the theme “Shop Isle”.

@Geison This is because your website is under construction.
You can turn this off by toggling Under Construction button available in your wordpress dashboard or in the header section.

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Thank you!!! that was exactly what was missing.

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