login error

For the past 30 odd hours i have been facing issues while trying to upload files to the webhost server.
Every time i try to access, i am slapped with the following message “ftp_login(): User qarchives OK. Password required” and i can’t upload files.
I have tried it a hundred times now but i’ve been able to access the server just once in the past 30 hours.
I have changed passwords, and been very careful typing them out while logging in. I have tried everything i knew i could.
I even installed filezilla to try and upload files, but even filezilla gives “Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity” and “Could not connect to server” errors after TLS connection is successful. When i try to upload files on filezilla all attempts are unsuccessful and no file is uploaded.
Please tell me what i should do to gain uninterrupted quick access to my website the likes of which i have been enjoying for the past month.

Unfortunately just keep trying.

And track the topic below until the update to say the upgrade is completed

hmm, okay. thanks for the quick reply.
I hope the maintenance is over really soon.