Free Trusted SSL Certificates to Boost Your Search engine Ranking

SSL protects your sites from hackers and also boost your SEO score. These days startssl and Cloudflare started to give free ssl certificates i think everyone knows this… well i have installed free ssl certificate in all of my sites one of them is you can check the quality of the ssl.

and i wrote how to get these ssl certificates full process and installment etc at i think this might be interested to you…

thanks for reading my post. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Try to make it already protected from Heartbleed. I can still see a lot of sites today vulnerable to it.

Thanks for the resource bro. about free ssl sites, I didn’t know about it. Thanks again.

Thanks For This Great Info. And Tutorial :slight_smile:
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your website shows security thread on each time load. go and enable ssl on cloudfare settings :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont find any difference using SSL for SEO. i tested with my 2 websites

SSL doesn’t helps you to improve SERP. but Google Bot will consider it is a secure one, that mean they weren’t a spam site.