FTP Errors uploading site


I Have built a quick page to test the FTP access from my web building software ( Serif Webplus X7 ) and have used it before on other sites. I am getting Server Response 220 and User message 331 password required. I know that the password is correct on my FTP request and just tested it on the 000webhost site to confirm it. Not sure what the problem is. Anyone any ideas. Have uploaded screenshot.FTP%20error


Not sure, can you screenshot the configuration window? & the view info from server window


Hi, Still getting errors. Have clicked on View Info from server and gett this info


530 means wrong pasword, login to cpanel then general settings and choose a new website password


View from the Serif PublihSerifupload_toWeb t to Web dialog box


Will try changing the password, I know it’s correct but can give it a shot