Get rid of 000webhost branding


In General Settings, under “Show 000webhost branding”, it says that “Using custom domains does not allow to turn it off. Upgrade to PRO to remove branding”. If i change my domain to, let’s say, i will get at the end?

There’s not a way to get rid of it at the free edition?


Buying a domain from should make you able to disable the Branding


is the subdomain of 000webhost. if you park your domain then it wont be showing up.


I took a free domain from - i parked it but the 000webhost subdomain still appears instead of my domain.

Why’s that?


The domain is? :slight_smile:


I use the free version of 000webhost (not pro). Is that relevent?


Did you park your domain? :slight_smile:


Park the domain

And then if you installed a script you need to reconfigure the configuration file to


Yes, I parked it but still it doesn’t display correctly.


You mean the wp-config? But it doesn’t contain any info about the domain.


It’s just a test site so i’m playing around.

Any suggestions to my problem?


Nothing? I parked the domain on but it still appears as it was.




After doing that i get “error establishing a database connection” error.


Update Your Database Credentials In wp-config.php


As above; I have changed your database password to the password supplied in wp-config.php and the site loads now.


Can you please tell me what was the exact steps (1,2,3…)?

Thanks in advance for your time.


I did the procedure just like you explained on another site too and the domain is ok.

But why after changing the domain, some icons (like the “search” or the “go up” icon in don’t appear correctly?


Link to website plz??


I changed both URL to .tk domain…