Geting disk quota exceed error when creating a subfolder

I have uploaded the fresh laravel files and folder. when i try to create a subfolder under the resource folder it says disk quota exceeded error.
Can anyone help me?

I would suspect you’ve exceeded the free plan limits on disk usage or inodes (total amount of files/folders uploadable)

Will resolve your issue :slight_smile:

As I search for free hosting plans, they says 1GB Disk space.
Here is the screenshot link :
I suppose my total fresh laravel files and folder size is not more then 50 MB.

That looks like a comparison website which we have no control over.
The advertised 300MB limit is what we show on our site currently :slight_smile:

We have an INODE limit as well as the 300MB limit which means you can’t upload over X amount of files or folders so if you have say 15,000 small files which only came to 50MB, then you would not be able to upload them all as the limit is less than 15,000 INODES.

Simply checking the stats on your website you can see the reason you can’t upload anymore…

You’ve reached the INODE limit as previously suggested.

Upgrading to Hostinger with no limits will resolve the issue.

Thanks for the valuable information

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