Getting Whoops, looks like something went wrong

Please help me out i am trying to config my site
but i am always getting either 500 internal error or Whoops, looks like something went wrong
my code is working on xampp.
Please help me out in configuring.

What PHP version are you using on XAMP?

It seems you’ve deleted your site, if you face any more issues reply below :slight_smile:
please check over here this is the new one that i have made i have deployed the laravel project but when i am login it again show me [Getting Whoops, looks like something went wrong]

@ashustark Make sure your uploaded all the files and directories.
Also does your application works in localhost correctly before you uploaded it online.

yes it is working on local host and i have uploaded everything

I see you’ve uploaded some of the files outside the “public_html”, which is not accessible by some of your files available in “public_html”.

so what should i do should i change there permission or move theme to public_html

is it the same way this application worked in xampp??

Yes you need to move them to public_html.

it is giving me an internal error 500 if i am moving it to the public_html

Just upload all the files and directories to public_html, like your configured in your localhost

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