Having issues logging in


Hello, I just set up a site on 000webhost, and I’m having issues logging in. I couldn’t log in successfully, so I changed my password and attempted to log in again. This time it gave an error telling me to use the social login with our gmail account, which I then tried and got “unknown error occurred, please try again.” My account is the same one that is linked with the community support account - teambeams1234@gmail.com. I noticed another user had this same issue and it was resolved by unlinking their google account, which I am unable to do myself.

On another note, I’m having issues with the website: I can only click on a webpage once before the mouse stops working and I have to either refresh the page or resort to using tab to select the button, text box, etc. that I want to use.


Good day!

I have unlinked the Google account from your profile page. A password reset e-mail has been sent to your mailbox.