Having trouble linking to my 2nd page


hi all!

so i have been using this place as a testing ground with a free account (i am currently learning html and css).
i looked around on the net and just could not find the solution to my problem so im hoping someone can help me out here.

at the bottom in the footer there is a link that should go to another page but for some reason it doesnt seem to be doing that.
i used < nav > < a href=“Evolve.html” >Evolve< /a >< /nav > in my footer (its not my choice its part of a assignment). i have the html files located in public_html. i had read online that i should not include the / infront of evolve because 000webhost already puts its own / there. i have also tried with a / infront and with a ./ but nfortunatly i just cant get it to work.

here is the page im talking about https://swooshdevelopertesting123.000webhostapp.com/


I took a look at your site and it appears the 000webhost banner is covering the bottom of your site. I’d suggest that you add the code below to underneath the link. :wink:


When using the above code underneath your link, it’ll add a gap underneath, pushing your link up, so it’s not covered anymore. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the help much appreciated. Learning something new every day :slight_smile: