Help with a website

Hello @Infinity i need your help. I dint receive any email and u deleted my website… i need the website back please. What can i do? I cant upgrade to premium and buy the same hosting adress…


thanks to all


What is your website name/address?

If it was actually deleted, then there is nothing we can do sadly.
You can make a new subdomain and reupload any files you’ve saved, if not start again and this time take backups.

I tryet but its not possible, if u go to my old website “”, u can read the message "website is no longer available

The authors have deleted this site."

And i dont know why, because the website was active with some views monhtly…if i get it back i think i will pay for the domain to dont happen again

You cannot use deleted subdomains sadly.
Even if you pay we cannot assist there are no backups on the free platform this is user responsibility and we can’t provide the same URL again.
Inactive users are deleted if they do not login regularly to our control panel at

I never been inactive Infinity… So its impossible to recover the domain? I only need the domain, i will upload the new website, pay the yerly suscription…

Hello. Unfortunately we’ve given up supporting old domains long time ago. We’re unable to register requested domain.