Help with bulk sms site script and steps


Hello here, good day!
Pleas someone should kindly help me with the php script to create a bulk SMS portal and the steps. Thanks in advance!


An SMS portal may not be possible on free hosting, I suggest upgrading to premium.


Thanks for your time.
I sure know that I’ll have to upgrade to premium, but I need to get the scripts ready, as well as the steps to set it up before upgrading.


So what you looking for a frontend website with backend? Or just a backend administrator portal with SMS integration from a premium carrier network that allows mass SMS?


A frontend and bsckend website is what I need.

#6 will work perfect you can easily integrate it into your free website.


I still do not get how to go about this please


Once you signup you’ve got premium support so they will help you with that, I’m not going to go into great detail for you not to even use the service and I will have wasted my time.

You signup, you choose a API key and script, embed this on your website on front/back then for each text you send it goes against your limit that you choose with them.


Thanks. Not clear though, because I’m totally new to this!


Signup, pay for it and they will do it for you.