High Bandwith though using Cloudflare


Hi everyone,

I have linked my webpage to Cloudflare but somehow I am still getting this warning email from 000webhost. So I attached two images So how does it come that Cloudflare is showing a much more realistic number than 000webhost with more than 15GB? I mean I am currently basically the only regular visitor of my website, so how can this happen? And much more important, how can I avoid getting suspended?

Thank you very much


It happens sometimes for the stats to be inaccurate, you won’t get suspended :slight_smile:


Oh okay nice :blush:Thank you very much for that fast answer I “reasked” because you closed my last topic on 1st January without an answer so I was wondering, if you guys don’t want to talk about something xd

But okay, nice thank you very much again and have a nice day :slight_smile:


No problem! :slight_smile: