How can I remove the HTML code that 000webhost adds to my Website?


Hi everybody, when I uploaded my website to the host, it added automatically this following code to my file:

<div id="huntr-react-container"><div data-reactroot=""></div> </div>

Then my web page went unordered. How can I remove them? Thank you!


Upgrading to premium would remove banner ads :frowning:



Thanks for your advice! It’s not a banner ad more like a blank square and it only shows in chrome but not on IEs.
The code is <div id="huntr-react-container"><div data-reactroot=""></div></div>


Can you screenshot the code and a link to the pages where it appears?


The address is :

My code is:


Where do you see

<div id="huntr-react-container"><div data-reactroot=""></div>



The code online changed into:


Thank you so much for giving advice! I want to delete them. Do you know how?


I’m quite confused :confused: @ckhawand can you solve this mystery?


Leme try.
Does it appear on other pages too? :slight_smile:


I only have one page.LOL


Can you create another one please?
With just basic script.


Do you mean just HTML?


Now my code is like this


And it still shows like this:


Ok let’s do it another way.
To your css, add



It works!!! Thank you so much!!!


Interesting problem why it happens like that, working on it :slight_smile:


Hey @kateyu

I don’t see such thing in your website. What is the exact URL showing this error?