How do I change to my domain I already own?

Just read the must read thing cause I’m new so my URL is: UglyRomeotk

Basically I’m looking for a way to link my already created domain to my webhost website.
I currently own but there’s nothing that says I can link my website to my domain?
Everything I’ve looked for on trying to link the domain to website has a different/older webhost layout so I’m not able to navigate where the link domain tab is. Screenshot_2646

You can upgrade to premium free users don’t get the privilege of this feature anymore unfortunately due to abuse of users, this changed over 2 months ago I think.

Freeium users can’t have it no.

You can use Hostinger Premium to allow you to do this.

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Since you got a TK domain you could likely use domain forwarding.

Very cool. It would have been nice if this was stated anywhere in the website settings before I paid for a domain. Seems like more of a cash grab to me, unless I can submit my website for approval to show that it’s not malicious.

You can still use a domain you’ve purchased using forwarding I think depends on registrar.
I think they are looking at bringing domains purchased via Hostinger back at least in the future.

I mean the panel does show you need to upgrade to park a domain I think