How to change server sleep time to a specific time

I have a free website, and the server sleeps for 4 hours of the day. I am in the CST time zone, (GMT - 6), and I want my website to begin sleeping at 00:00 AM CST, until 4:00 AM CST

What time do I need to put in to the “begin sleep time” box for my website to do such a thing?


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Same here. Down time is unfair. I have 4 down-time in 24 hours


Hi @chieftain,

It is very simple to set you new sleeping time. Just go to your website general settings and next to Website sleeping time frame choose the starting hour. The time zone for the starting hour is automatically taken from you browser. So whatever timezone settings you have in you computer and/or browser that will be the timezone used to set sleeping time frame.
Below the ‘Update’ button there is a text saying from when to when your website will be sleeping and it even shows time zone.

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Hi @host0000,

as you might have seen, Hostinger team created 000webhost as an educational platform for learners to try their hobby projects. However to suffice all users with equally high quality services, we have to take some actions. If you need your website 24/7 you should consider upgrading to Hostinger premium which has very low prices and great service.



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but my website is down today in the afternoon and this evening.

Until 2017-10-02 16:06:18

Your account will be back online in an hour.

It went to sleep 2017-10-02 12:06:18

There is nothing in my general settings about “sleep time frame”. I can’t set it.

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There is no “Website sleeping time frame” listed under my websites general settings.
Please, help.

Hi @Morrell and @PCnetMD,
It is because your websites are not yet affected by Temporary Website Sleep.


Ok. Thank you. I received an email about the subject, with a link to my account sign-in so I could set it myself. Evidently that will have to wait.

This one?

Is there a planned time frame for when this will go into effect for our websites?

Thank you.

Starting 1st of November it should be rolled out if you do not have it.

Current affected accounts should be sleeping 1 hour per day now.

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My website too ( has no sleeping time frame.

See the upper post :slight_smile:

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thank you very much :slight_smile:

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