How to completely delete website?


Hi try to re-create a deleted website name “butchigo”. but the Cpanel show that the website is existed. How can I delete it completely?
My website is: I still have the ftp access on this website.

Thank you!


You can’t recreate a site that uses the same name as a site you deleted. You’ll have to pick a different name.


Hi, Does it make sense? Why can I create a new website with the same name? What happen when I delete a website?



That’s how it is, we are sorry! :slight_smile:
The system can’t allow you to use the same name even though it’s already deleted


Is it work if I delete or reset my account and re-create new account?


Hi! I’ve read somewhere on the forums that the reason that you’re not allowed to use a deleted name again is to prevent spam. So unfortunately, you will not be able to use that site name again.


We are extremely sorry but you can’t use the same name again.:wink:

Feel free to ask anything else :wink: